Saturday, 5 May 2012

An Unexpected Dip into the Punishment Box

Mistress recently instigated a new daily ritual, where at the end of the day I must kneel naked by the bed in her 'inspect' position, and ask permission before getting under the covers. I'm not sure how many days we were into this new regime when the punishment box made an unexpected appearance as I knelt before her. She proffered the open box. 'Take one. Read it out to me. Come on! Stop stalling!'.

Nervously, I dipped my hand into the box, acutely aware of the number of punishments lurking in there that involve lengthy periods of orgasm denial. Whilst I adore the deep satisfaction that Mistress gains from witholding my pleasure, I loathe my accompanying obsession with sexual gratification that grows with every day of deprivation. My preoccupation quickly becomes all-consuming, making it impossible to concentrate on even the simplest of everyday tasks. It is, of course, exactly this aspect which pleases her so profoundly. 

Luckily for me, the ticket I'd chosen contained one of the very few punishments that involved me being permitted to cum. I read it aloud to her, 'Slave must come onto Mistress's anus and then clean it with his tongue.' Mistress grinned 'that grin', and began to peel off her nightclothes. 'Of course, you will help me to come first. With your hands.' Now naked, she sat upright amongst the pillows and widened her legs, beckoning me over. 'Can you feel how wet I am?'. 'Yes Mistress'. I gently inserted two fingers, meeting with virtually no resistance. She groaned softly, and leant back, eyes closed. I pushed in deeper, curling my fingers around to press against the back of her pelvis. More groans. 'As soon as I've come I'll lie on my back and present my ass to you. I want to see as much of your cum as you can get on there. You can lick up any you spill afterwards.'

I inserted a third finger, then a fourth and began to vigorously massage the walls of her pussy, alternately turning and pumping my hand. Before long, and writhing with pleasure, she reached down, rubbing her clitoris to climax. Letting out a series of long moans, she fell back, flushed with satisfaction. Almost immediately her legs were pulled up over her shoulders, exposing her delicious rosebud, and I was signalled to start with a nod. My hand was still slippery and pungent with her juices as I closed it around my cock and wanked hard.

I came quickly, spurting into her crack, completely covering her hole with sticky fluid. Eating my cum is something that I've had to get very used to since we reinstated 'the other side' of our relationship, and although I've grown to enjoy the idea of it, actually doing it is usually a different story. I paused briefly, slightly repulsed, before dutifully burying my tongue deep into her ass, and lapping up my mess. Encouraged by her heartfelt sighs of contentment, after a few moments I suddenly became aware that I was, in fact, thoroughly enjoying myself. The service, the smells, even the taste, were all heavenly.

Elated, I realised that I'd finally become her willing cumslut.


  1. There is something so irresistible about submitting to deeply humiliating acts for one's Mistress. It always has that tension between repulsion and the deep feeling of joy that comes from complete self debasement.

    The craving for submission always wins me over. So maddening yet oh so good!

    These Women control us completely and They love it.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I'm never happier than when my degradation at her hands reaches new depths.

      The satisfaction I feel when bringing her pleasure this way far outweighs any feelings of repulsion I might have for any act.


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