Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Panty Shopping

Last weekend, some friends invited us to their house for dinner. Whilst getting ready to head over there, I emerged from the bathroom to find Mistress rummaging through her lingerie drawer. She looked up with a smile, 'You'll be wearing my choice of underwear tonight. Put these on.' 

I was handed a pair of skimpy black mesh panties trimmed with red satin. Dropping the towel from around my waist, I drew the knickers up my legs and over my rapidly swelling cock. Mistress directed me over to her, reaching out to stroke the clearly visible hard-on bulging behind the transparent fabric. 'Inspect!'. I jumped to attention, legs apart, placing my arms up behind my head. Circling me, she made a few adjustments and stepped back to assess the finished product. 'Hmmm. They look good baby. Very good. Now, get dressed, we're running late'.

We enjoyed a thoroughly pleasant evening with our friends (although a little nervy on my part as I had to remember not to sit or move in ways that might expose my little secret). Arriving home late, too tired (and drunk) for any play, we collapsed into each others arms on the bed, and were asleep almost immediately. The image of me standing there must have stayed with Mistress however, as the following morning she announced that it was about time I had some knickers of my own - 'I've decided you'll be wearing them most of the time from now on, after all!'. We would be going shopping that afternoon, '...and yes, you'd better bring your wallet. You'll be taking everything to the counter on your own - I want the sales staff to suspect EXACTLY what's going on'.

Man in knickers
Mistress's favourite new 'panties for him'.

Man in Knickers
And from behind...


  1. Transparent panties are the best way to showcase a cock. :)

  2. Hehe. In that case, I'm guessing you and Mistress would get along pretty well!

  3. Yes, those are very pretty panties, love the little bow and the pretty little hearts.

  4. Thanks very much jellybean - I think so too. I feel wonderfully feminine when I'm ordered to wear them.


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