Monday, 23 April 2012

Chair Bondage Predicament

After Mistress had put me through my paces, testing my memory of the three submissive positions she'd commanded me to commit to memory, she decided that it would be a shame not to try out a new bondage idea that she'd been fantasising about recently.

I was ordered to remove my ankle and wrist cuffs and bring three lengths of hemp rope and some twine from the toy box, along with the small chair which lives in the kitchen. On my return, the leather blindfold was placed over my eyes, before Mistress directed me to kneel at the side of the chair. Bending me over so that my torso rested on the chair seat, Mistress proceeded to tightly bind my wrists. 'Are you still hard under there?'. I felt a hand roughly squeeze my cock. 'Not hard enough. You know the rules.' I knew this meant I would not be released without being punished. Thankfully, the mere thought of potential penalties swiftly brought my erection back to life.

A few minutes later, my arms and thighs had been firmly secured to the legs of the chair, stretching my body out over the seat. Mistress used the remaining rope to bind my waist, and stood back to admire her work. I assumed that, as it was now impossible to move even a fraction of an inch, that she was satisfied. I'd forgotten about the twine.

I felt my right foot being lifted from the floor and twine being wound around my big toe. Blood pumped into my already stiff cock - Mistress had never used my feet in this way before. The twine was connected to the rope around my waist and tightened, pulling my foot up towards my buttocks. The same was repeated with my left big toe and with that, my predicament was complete. The pressure on my toes made it impossible for me to relax my legs - if I did, pain, if not, my leg muscles had to work hard to keep my feet up. I alternated between exquisite toe pain and muscle burn whilst waiting to find out exactly what form my punishment would take.   

Chair Tie

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Submissive Positions - Learning My Place

'I'll be back around 9. I want you to be wearing the black outfit, standing in "inspect' position when I come in. And be ready for me to photograph you.' The text message gave me an instant erection.

The previous day, Mistress had informed me that I would learn some positions, which I must assume immediately on her command. I was told in no uncertain terms that failure to do so satisfactorily would result in severe punishment, so I concentrated hard during our initial position session. I was ordered to remove my clothes and stand silently in the centre of the living room. Mistress went into the study for a few moments and reappeared with the riding crop. 'The first position you will learn is 'inspect'. Whenever I say the word 'inspect', you'll stand with legs a little further apart than your shoulders, and place your hands, left on top of right, behind your head'. 'Come on! Inspect!'. I jumped to attention and assumed the position. 'Move your elbows further back. Come on! Now!'. Mistress used the leather tip of the crop to push my elbows back so far that I was almost shaking. 'Good.' She walked around me stroking my body approvingly whilst I struggled to remain perfectly still. 'Yes, I like that... I like that.'

'Now, kneel down. Sit on your heels. Higher,' again I felt the crop pushing me into place. 'Sit up. Push out your chest. Push out your chest! Place your open hands, left on right, in the small of your back. Keep pushing out your chest! Further!' I strained to maintain the position required, whilst my balls, and now throbbing cock were lifted by the shaft of the crop. 'This is 'instruct' position. Remember it.'

'Right, I think one more for now. We want to give you a bit of a chance, don't we? On to your knees!'. I jumped up. 'Lift your arms above your head, open your palms. Now, keeping your arms out straight, bend over so that your face is on the floor'. I prostrated myself before Mistress, and felt my erection pressing into my stomach, as I pushed my face down to the ground. 'Hmmm. Very nice.' I felt the crop trace the line from my ass, up between my buttocks. My cock twitched, 'Yes, very nice. This position is 'abase'. You will assume this position with the exact movement I've just shown you, no deviations.' I tried desperately to commit what I'd just done to memory. 'OK. Get dressed. No touching yourself. We'll test how much attention you've been paying tomorrow night.'

So, the next evening I received the text message telling me to prepare. I bathed, shaved, and put on the black sissy outfit in good time. I heard Mistress unlocking the front door and jerked into what I hoped was the 'inspect' position. The door opened and Mistress appeared, grinning broadly... 




Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Anal Stretching in Anticipation of Her Cock

A couple of years ago, Mistress and I whiled away an afternoon in Sh!, the excellent women's sex store in Hoxton Square, perusing their strap-on selection. Although I had a fair amount of experience with anal toys, including strap-ons, fucking me in the ass was to be a first for MIstress. We decided that it would be fitting to go for something which stimulated her, as well as giving me something to think about. Somewhat overcome with enthusiasm, perhaps due to a few pre-shopping drinks, we rather ambitiously plumped for the brutal looking Fun Factory Share XL:

Strap on

The XL was substantially bigger than anything I'd 'accommodated' up until that point, but I was confident that I could take it, with a lot of lube and a little practice. We rushed home to try our new friend, but despite oceans of lubricant failed to get past the first bulge. We were both disappointed, but vowed to persist. Over the next few months we tried again a few times, without success. We attempted to use it with a harness, and I even bought a large rippled butt plug (similar to the Tantus Ripple, but wider and with only 3 bumps) on which to train - the lowest bulge being the same diameter as the XL, but still no joy - even with the plug. Eventually, it got replaced by a more manageable dildo and was tossed to the back of the toy cupboard, to be forgotten about. Until the other day.

During our 'come back' session, Mistress had expressed how much she was looking forward  to once again fucking me hard in the ass. Whilst it didn't end up happening that night, her comments got me thinking about that delicious looking black cock again, and in my eagerness to impress and serve her, I decided that I was going to train myself to take it as a token of my devotion. This time, I would not take no for an answer. How hard could it be?

Mistress had already gone to bed as she had an early start the following morning, so I gathered all of the anal toys in the box, and headed off to the bathroom with the bottle of lubricant. I ran myself a hot bath, dumped the dildos and plugs into the water (warm toys help, apparently), and settled in for a long soak. Once fully relaxed I lifted myself out onto the edge of the bath and began to soap up my hole, eventually slipping a finger in. Considering there hadn't been anything up there for quite a few months, it was relatively little time before I'd worked my way up to three fingers. I was just about to go for four when I spotted the large black plug lurking in the water, and decided I needed a real challenge.

Washing off the soap, I hopped out of the bath with the plug and proceeded to smother it with copious amounts of lube. Filling my hand with another squirt from the bottle, I worked the lubricant deep inside myself, until everything felt silky. I stood the plug in the centre of the bathroom floor and kneeled above it. Lowering myself down, the blunt head pressed against my sphincter and after some gentle persuasion, I was past the first ripple. Pushing down, a stretching sensation accompanied by a little discomfort indicated that I had reached my limit at the second. I'd done some research earlier, and found advice suggesting that when this point is reached, it's best to stay right there for a while rather than back off, until the anus relaxes. I gave it a few minutes, and comfortable once more, eased myself down little by little, minute by minute, until I was over the second bulge. So far so good, but I felt stuffed full already, and doubted my ability to go any further that night. Still, I'd read about a few more tricks on the same blog and decided to persist. Once fully at ease on the second ripple, I began to work myself up and down, in and out, until I could happily lift completely off the plug and then thrust it straight back in, right up to where only a few minutes before I had needed to carefully edge myself down. After a few of these mock penetrations I was becoming much more loose, but it was clear that the girth of the final ripple was beyond me. I resolved to try the final trick. Forcing myself down as far as I could tolerate, I squeezed my sphincter hard, for what seemed like an age. Pulling myself up off the plug, I panted, sweating with the effort, and rested briefly before impaling myself again and gripping as tightly as I could. On perhaps my fourth attempt, something amazing happened. Just as 'The Nasty Stallion' had promised, my tired ass gave in and I slid down right to the base. I had never felt so thoroughly crammed. The sense of euphoria was exquisite, and pre-cum dribbled out of the end of my cock. I had plunged the previously unmanageable butt plug in so deep that I could feel the base rubbing on my cheeks.

Surely now I must be able to take her cock. I excitedly reported my achievement to Mistress as soon as she awoke the following morning. I expect it won't be too long before I get to find out.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Coming home (Part 2)

Once Mistress had finished photographing, I heard the camera being placed on the table and felt her walk towards me. I tensed, expecting more pain, but instead I felt my hands (still bound together) being released from the beam above. Without a word I was led by my roped hands to the bedroom, and told to stand whilst the bed was prepared. My hands were directed to my thankfully still erect member and I was ordered to keep myself hard. She placed the end of the rope between my teeth and adjusted the length to make the movement just difficult enough for me to know that I wasn't being allowed to touch myself for my own pleasure.

After a few moments I was ordered to lie on my back in the centre of the bed. My hands were bound tightly to the bed above my head, and my legs spread wide. Mistress then roped my ankles to the corners of the bed, stretching me out so that all but the slightest movement was impossible. Loving my predicament, she took her opportunity to tease me by rubbing herself hard against my cock, whilst reminding me repeatedly that I was not going to be allowed to come. She writhed on top of me, grinding against me, as I struggled to avoid orgasm. Suddenly, I felt my head being jerked back by the hair, and a warm breast was pushed forcefully towards my lips. 'Use your tongue! Come on, use it!'. I sucked hard and drew my tongue across the nipple as my face was thrust forwards by the back of my head. She was clearly dissatisfied with my work and suggested that I could do better. I doubled my effort, sucking and licking, as she roughly pressed my face into her. Unfortunately I just couldn't meet her expectations, 'Not good enough!'. The breast withdrew and I felt a ringing slap to my cheek. Then another, and another. 'Now. Use your tongue! You can do much better than that!' I tried again in vain, slurping and licking, gently clasping her nipples between my teeth, but to no avail. Six more loud slaps to the face. 'Now, time for your punishment. Remember, slave, you are not coming tonight.' My mouth was prised open, and three juice laden fingers wiped across my tongue. 

'Taste me', she commanded. I eagerly licked them clean, savouring every last morsel of their musky coating. By the time I'd lapped up a few more sticky 'fingerfuls', MIstress' hand was covered in my saliva. With her dry hand, she grabbed my cock and began to pump it furiously. 'Remember, you are not coming tonight!'. I gritted my teeth and did my best to resist whilst the wet hand began to transfer my saliva to my balls, supplementing it with her own. Mistress is the only woman I have experienced who uses this technique, and I have to say I find it wonderfully erotic. 'Please, stop!' I begged. I was perilously close to orgasm and new that the penalty would be harsh if I couldn't control myself. She let go, and for a brief second, and I thought it was over. Not so. Her tongue began to softly probe my balls, whilst the hand pumped again. 'Please!'. I struggled desperately to stop myself shooting sperm across the bed. Again, she stopped. This time, after a few seconds, I felt her mouth engulfing the head of my cock. I groaned with the agony of denial as once again, her hand wanked me hard. I lost track of time in between my repeated cries for mercy and her relentless taunting, but apparently I had lasted the full 15 minutes without disobeying her orders, as I eventually heard her whisper 'Well done baby. You did it'. 

I relaxed and revelled in the achievement, despite desperately needing relief. I had taken my punishment and pleased my Mistress once more. My aching balls and stinging buttocks were plentiful reward. After such a long time away from BDSM, I was glad to have finally come home, albeit without actually being allowed to come.

Coming home (Part 1)

It had been at least six months since Mistress and I had played together, as our work/life balance had gotten a little out of hand. Luckily things have calmed down a little recently, and I've found my interest in sex slowly returning to 'normal' levels. My mind was turning more frequently to submissive fantasies, and I'd even started to masturbate again, which is how the return began in earnest.

I woke up yesterday with a serious hard-on, and a mind full of our past exploits. Mistress awoke next to me and got up immediately to go and get some breakfast, leaving me in the bed. My hands strayed down under the covers where I began to gently caress and stroke, whilst I replayed a particularly fulfilling dildo-gag episode in my minds eye. Eventually fully immersed in my reverie, and vigorously pumping my cock, I was horrified to see the bedroom door swing open in front of me and Mistress appear. She had clearly seen my hand bouncing up and down under the duvet, and gave me a coquettish smile. It was the first time in our 4 year relationship that I've ever been caught masturbating by Mistress. Whilst I was initially ashamed, and probably blushed crimson, it was clear that Mistress found it exciting, which only made me more aroused.

Mistress joined me in the bed, and began to stroke my chest, eventually moving her hand down to feel just how hard I was. I decided right then that I was more than ready to resume our D/s relationship, and suggested that we might try out the punishment box which we'd made over a year ago and never quite managed to use, later that evening. Seeing how this clearly pleased Mistress, I went on to excitedly suggest that we reinstate some kind of daily ritual (I used to have to strip naked and masturbate for her after dinner, and finish by eating my cum - the 'slave's dessert'). We also agreed that she should take permanent control of my orgasms, which is definitely quite a move forward in my submission, but one I am eager to make.

We ate dinner later that night by the fire, with the punishment box sat in full view. Mistress seemed to finish her food remarkably quickly, but it might have been me subconsciously stalling - I'd not only begun to understand the implications of what I'd agreed to, but also to remember some of the punishments we'd devised. As soon as I'd finished, I was presented with the box by Mistress and told to take a punishment card. I gingerly handed it over to her and it was revealed that the punishment was to take two more cards. Again I delved into the box, hoping for something comparatively gentle. I was in luck - sort of. I was to receive a fifteen minute blow-job, BUT, I was under no circumstances going to be allowed to orgasm. Like many subs, I come very easily, so this is quite a tall order. A role of the dice indicated that I would also be tied and blindfolded for the duration. The second card was unfolded and Mistress happily announced that she was to take photographs of me in the predicament of her choice.

I was ordered to change into the black lace crotchless panties and see through teddy that Mistress loves, and meet her in the study. By the time I made it there, there were already a number of lengths of rope laid out on the floor, and I noticed the riding crop leaning against the wall. Clearly I wasn't going to get off as lightly as I'd thought. Mistress placed the blindfold over my face and led me to the wall where my hands were tied above my head and bound to the ceiling beam above. Barely had she finished tightening my bonds when I felt the first smack. I was chastised for not appearing to want Mistress to have her pleasure and ordered to stick out my bottom. I spread my legs wide and pushed out until they were shaking. Mistress hand slapped down hard against my buttocks again and again. It had been so long since I'd received a serious spanking that I had forgotten how much it stings after a while. My initial excitement was tempered as the pain increased, but I'd been told that I would be severely punished if I did not have an erection at all times, so I concentrated hard imagining myself worshipping Mistress' beautiful rosebud with my tongue as the stinging blows continued.

Just as I thought I could take no more, the spanking ceased, and I felt Mistress draw close. Once again I was ordered to push out my buttocks, while Mistress grabbed me from behind and began to repeatedly thrust her pelvis into me, all the time whispering in my ear how she was very much looking forward to fucking me hard in the ass again. A few more hard thrusts and I heard her reach for the crop. Now I was really going to feel her displeasure. She pulled down my panties to expose my glowing cheeks and lifted the bottom of my négligée. As my adrenalin levels rose I felt one well aimed thwack after another, yelping every time before earnestly thanking Mistress for her generosity. I think I must have received at least 30 lashes before my buttocks were reddened to her satisfaction. The shutter of her camera clicked repeatedly behind me as she paused to admire her handiwork. 

A skillfully spanked and cropped behind. Thankyou Mistress.

To be continued...