Saturday, 21 April 2012

Submissive Positions - Learning My Place

'I'll be back around 9. I want you to be wearing the black outfit, standing in "inspect' position when I come in. And be ready for me to photograph you.' The text message gave me an instant erection.

The previous day, Mistress had informed me that I would learn some positions, which I must assume immediately on her command. I was told in no uncertain terms that failure to do so satisfactorily would result in severe punishment, so I concentrated hard during our initial position session. I was ordered to remove my clothes and stand silently in the centre of the living room. Mistress went into the study for a few moments and reappeared with the riding crop. 'The first position you will learn is 'inspect'. Whenever I say the word 'inspect', you'll stand with legs a little further apart than your shoulders, and place your hands, left on top of right, behind your head'. 'Come on! Inspect!'. I jumped to attention and assumed the position. 'Move your elbows further back. Come on! Now!'. Mistress used the leather tip of the crop to push my elbows back so far that I was almost shaking. 'Good.' She walked around me stroking my body approvingly whilst I struggled to remain perfectly still. 'Yes, I like that... I like that.'

'Now, kneel down. Sit on your heels. Higher,' again I felt the crop pushing me into place. 'Sit up. Push out your chest. Push out your chest! Place your open hands, left on right, in the small of your back. Keep pushing out your chest! Further!' I strained to maintain the position required, whilst my balls, and now throbbing cock were lifted by the shaft of the crop. 'This is 'instruct' position. Remember it.'

'Right, I think one more for now. We want to give you a bit of a chance, don't we? On to your knees!'. I jumped up. 'Lift your arms above your head, open your palms. Now, keeping your arms out straight, bend over so that your face is on the floor'. I prostrated myself before Mistress, and felt my erection pressing into my stomach, as I pushed my face down to the ground. 'Hmmm. Very nice.' I felt the crop trace the line from my ass, up between my buttocks. My cock twitched, 'Yes, very nice. This position is 'abase'. You will assume this position with the exact movement I've just shown you, no deviations.' I tried desperately to commit what I'd just done to memory. 'OK. Get dressed. No touching yourself. We'll test how much attention you've been paying tomorrow night.'

So, the next evening I received the text message telling me to prepare. I bathed, shaved, and put on the black sissy outfit in good time. I heard Mistress unlocking the front door and jerked into what I hoped was the 'inspect' position. The door opened and Mistress appeared, grinning broadly... 





  1. Very nice and the more positions you learn the better.

    I Mistress had some positions that she taught me from the positions she used with her husband. They were all fantastic and I'm sure that you are feeling VERY submissive in these positions. I would also think that your love for your Mistress goes thru the roof at these times. Good luck & have fun

  2. Thanks very much jellybean. These three are only the start - I've been told I will definitely be taught more positions. You're dead right on how they make me feel about Mistress.

    PS: I think you should definitely write that letter! Life's too short...

  3. A few more positions your Mistress might consider from Mistress Lisa's Femdom Diary: Slave positions . Specific rituals often accompany each position.

  4. Thanks so much dave94015 - the post is an excellent reference. I'll pass the link on to Her.


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