Saturday, 9 June 2012

Not-so-forced Bi

About a month ago, possibly as a result of the combination of frequent cum eating, and anal play, I began to entertain the idea of Mistress ordering me to take part in sexual acts with other men. It was quite a surprise to me to realise just how much the thought turned me on, given that I'd always considered myself absolutely straight, in no uncertain terms. Despite this, however, only a few days after the initial thoughts had arisen, I'd become pretty much consumed by fantasies involving forced bisexuality. I awoke early every morning with a throbbing hard-on and a mind full of images of myself eagerly sucking cock and licking balls, with Mistress looking on approvingly.

Given the value that we place on honesty in our relationship, I decided to reveal my new found interest to her, and gauge her opinion. Chatting openly, and at length, we eventually came to the conclusion (after referring to a number of blog posts, including a succinct, but insightful entry written by Mistress Liliana) that I wasn't actually bisexual, as all of my fantasies required coercion. It also seemed that whilst Mistress was happy to discuss my desires, she wasn't particularly interested in the idea herself. So, we left it at that, and carried on as before.

Only I couldn't stop obsessing about it. And before long realised that maybe we'd been a little too quick to judge. I began to long, not for the submissive act of giving myself up for service on the orders of another, but simply to be used in the way that only a male dominant can use a sub. I remembered conversations with girlfriends past who lived for the feeling of an ejaculating cock inside them, and yearned to share their experience. I found myself desperately needing to feel the strength of masculine punishment on my body, and to obey a male voice. I wanted to be ordered to call a man 'Master', and to beg to please him in any way I could.

Shocked by the strength of my new found desires, I again talked to Mistress, only to find that her attitude had suddenly changed. Whereas before she'd been less than enthusiastic, now that I didn't need her to push me into it, she was clearly excited by the idea. If a little concerned for my safety. What's more, she seemed most enthused about being present at, and watching my experiences. After a long discussion, it was decided that as a first, tentative step, we would seek out a willing male sub, who she would direct in topping me. That search has now begun.  

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Taking Her Cock (Part 2)

I entered the room to find the bed stripped of duvet and pillows, and a single length of hemp rope placed prominently at it's centre. Mistress, already wearing the strap-on, and busy admiring the reflection of her new corset in the mirror, looked up. She motioned me towards the bed, 'I want your hands tied. You're not going to be touching your cock tonight. Understand?'. I nodded. 'Now, get on the bed on all fours.' She lingered briefly by the mirror, apparently captivated by the image of herself 'cock in hand', as I clambered awkwardly onto the bed, firmly holding the plug in place.

Letting go of the plug with my hand, but gripping it tightly with my ass, I assumed the position, and fixed my gaze on the wall in front of me. 'Mmmm. You look good baby. Very good. Good enough to fuck'. She circled the bed, clearly enjoying the view. 'Are you sure you can take it, my little slut?'. By now I was determined to take anything that would please her – 'Of course, Mistress'. Her hand pulled my balls from behind, stretching them away from my body. 'Are you sure you want it?'. I nodded earnestly, 'Yes Mistress.' She paused, 'Well then, tell me what you want. Spell it out to me. Come on!'. My erection twitched wildly, 'I want your cock deep inside me Mistress'. 'Louder!'. 'I WANT YOUR COCK DEEP INSIDE ME!'. Releasing her grip, she stroked my back approvingly, 'Well, isn't that convenient?'.

'Onto your elbows! Palms together!'. Dropping down obediently, I lifted my hands to assist as the rope was bound around my wrists. After pulling the cinch tight, Mistress firmly secured the remaining rope to the bedframe, drawing my hands down, and leaving my plugged ass high and exposed. 'Now, as this is bigger than you're used to, I'm going to be gentle with you this time. But rest assured, I won't always be this kind'. I felt the plug being slowly drawn out of my ass, and groaned softly as my sphincter stretched and contracted over it's undulating ripples. Almost immediately, the tip of her cock began to probe my ass, and forced it's way in with a gentle thrust. The plug had done it's work wonderfully – I was ecstatic and began to push back, driving her deeper inside. 'Good boy! You do the work.' Rhythmically, I moved forward and back, each time taking a little more, until finally I could go no further, her thighs pressing against my buttocks. 'Well done baby! You really have been practising haven't you?'. Placing her hands on my hips, she started to fuck me, slowly at first, then faster and harder until our bodies slapped together with every forceful stroke.  

Panting and moaning loudly, I was close to orgasm when she suddenly stopped, pulling out brutally. 'Turn over! On your back.' I struggled against the rope, but managed to twist around so that I was now facing her with my bound hands above by head. 'OK, you've done very well, so I'm going to let you come. I want to see your face though, and I want you to be looking into my eyes when it happens.' I nodded silently and met her gaze as she pushed my knees up to my shoulders. Maintaining eye contact, she drove her cock back inside me, and began aggressively pounding my ass. Leaning forward so that our faces were barely an inch apart, she reached down, grasping the engorged shaft of my penis, and roughly pumped her fist...

A Mistress's-eye View