Sunday, 20 May 2012

Taking Her Cock (Part 2)

I entered the room to find the bed stripped of duvet and pillows, and a single length of hemp rope placed prominently at it's centre. Mistress, already wearing the strap-on, and busy admiring the reflection of her new corset in the mirror, looked up. She motioned me towards the bed, 'I want your hands tied. You're not going to be touching your cock tonight. Understand?'. I nodded. 'Now, get on the bed on all fours.' She lingered briefly by the mirror, apparently captivated by the image of herself 'cock in hand', as I clambered awkwardly onto the bed, firmly holding the plug in place.

Letting go of the plug with my hand, but gripping it tightly with my ass, I assumed the position, and fixed my gaze on the wall in front of me. 'Mmmm. You look good baby. Very good. Good enough to fuck'. She circled the bed, clearly enjoying the view. 'Are you sure you can take it, my little slut?'. By now I was determined to take anything that would please her – 'Of course, Mistress'. Her hand pulled my balls from behind, stretching them away from my body. 'Are you sure you want it?'. I nodded earnestly, 'Yes Mistress.' She paused, 'Well then, tell me what you want. Spell it out to me. Come on!'. My erection twitched wildly, 'I want your cock deep inside me Mistress'. 'Louder!'. 'I WANT YOUR COCK DEEP INSIDE ME!'. Releasing her grip, she stroked my back approvingly, 'Well, isn't that convenient?'.

'Onto your elbows! Palms together!'. Dropping down obediently, I lifted my hands to assist as the rope was bound around my wrists. After pulling the cinch tight, Mistress firmly secured the remaining rope to the bedframe, drawing my hands down, and leaving my plugged ass high and exposed. 'Now, as this is bigger than you're used to, I'm going to be gentle with you this time. But rest assured, I won't always be this kind'. I felt the plug being slowly drawn out of my ass, and groaned softly as my sphincter stretched and contracted over it's undulating ripples. Almost immediately, the tip of her cock began to probe my ass, and forced it's way in with a gentle thrust. The plug had done it's work wonderfully – I was ecstatic and began to push back, driving her deeper inside. 'Good boy! You do the work.' Rhythmically, I moved forward and back, each time taking a little more, until finally I could go no further, her thighs pressing against my buttocks. 'Well done baby! You really have been practising haven't you?'. Placing her hands on my hips, she started to fuck me, slowly at first, then faster and harder until our bodies slapped together with every forceful stroke.  

Panting and moaning loudly, I was close to orgasm when she suddenly stopped, pulling out brutally. 'Turn over! On your back.' I struggled against the rope, but managed to twist around so that I was now facing her with my bound hands above by head. 'OK, you've done very well, so I'm going to let you come. I want to see your face though, and I want you to be looking into my eyes when it happens.' I nodded silently and met her gaze as she pushed my knees up to my shoulders. Maintaining eye contact, she drove her cock back inside me, and began aggressively pounding my ass. Leaning forward so that our faces were barely an inch apart, she reached down, grasping the engorged shaft of my penis, and roughly pumped her fist...

A Mistress's-eye View

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Taking Her Cock (Part 1)

It had been almost two weeks since my training session, and I was beginning to wonder whether Mistress had forgotten about my newfound 'abilities'. I needn't have worried. That morning, on her way out of the front door, she breezily informed me of my fate. 'When I get back, we're going to have a bath together. You're going to shave my legs and pussy, then you'll shave yourself. Once you've made us both presentable, I'm going to fuck you in the ass. With the XL. How would you like that?'.

I wasn't even given the chance to react. The door slammed behind her and she was gone, leaving me standing with my mouth open. Despite hoping for this for quite some time, I found myself feeling more than a little nervous. OK, so I'd managed to get all of the way down onto the big plug, but her cock seemed much larger. I loved the idea of being able to take it for her. I knew it would bring her so much pleasure, but would I really be able to, when it came down to it?  

A few hours later, with a rush of footsteps on the stairs, she reappeared, beaming. 'Look what I found!'. With a flourish, she opened the fancy looking bag she was carrying and revealed a new satin corset. 'Look! Black! To go with my cock!'. I murmured appreciatively. 'OK, bathtime. Run it and get in. I'll be through in a minute.'

I'd been soaking for a few minutes when Mistress joined me, lowering herself slowly into the steaming water. Laying back and stretching out a leg, she handed me the razor and soap, and motioned me to start. Smearing the proffered leg with foam, I began methodically working my way up her calf. 'Mmmm. You're good at this baby. Very good. I think I might have to get you to do it every time'. Eventually, satisfied that both legs had been finished to her standard, she pulled herself up, and perched on the edge of the bath, legs spread wide. As I kneeled in front of her, I became aware of the thick, glistening film coating her labia, and smiled inwardly as gelatinous drips oozed down into the bath water below. Clearly, she was enjoying herself immensely. Resisting a variety of temptations which had suddenly presented themselves, I tried hard to concentrate on the job at hand. 

'Well done baby, it looks very good'. She stroked herself approvingly and laid back down in the water. 'Now you'. Her eyes traced my every move as I covered myself in soap and proceeded to draw the razor across my body. After closely observing me deal with my cock and balls, she stood up abruptly. 'OK, I've seen enough. I'm getting out. I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom. Take your time - I want your ass to be ready for fucking the next time I see you'. I nodded obediently and continued my work.

Smooth and 'presentable' once more, my mind turned to preparations for what was to come. I laid down a towel and hopped out of the bath. Reaching for the bottle of lube and the large butt-plug that she'd pointedly left beside the sink. I repeated the process I'd used with such success before and worked myself down slowly onto the plug. With surprisingly little effort, considering how long it had been since the previous 'intrusion', I was quickly all the way down to the base, crammed full once more, and rushing with anticipatory adrenalin. With the plug still inserted, and a throbbing hard-on, I stood up, wiped off the excess lube and made my way to the bedroom.  

Mistress, her corset, and her cock.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

An Unexpected Dip into the Punishment Box

Mistress recently instigated a new daily ritual, where at the end of the day I must kneel naked by the bed in her 'inspect' position, and ask permission before getting under the covers. I'm not sure how many days we were into this new regime when the punishment box made an unexpected appearance as I knelt before her. She proffered the open box. 'Take one. Read it out to me. Come on! Stop stalling!'.

Nervously, I dipped my hand into the box, acutely aware of the number of punishments lurking in there that involve lengthy periods of orgasm denial. Whilst I adore the deep satisfaction that Mistress gains from witholding my pleasure, I loathe my accompanying obsession with sexual gratification that grows with every day of deprivation. My preoccupation quickly becomes all-consuming, making it impossible to concentrate on even the simplest of everyday tasks. It is, of course, exactly this aspect which pleases her so profoundly. 

Luckily for me, the ticket I'd chosen contained one of the very few punishments that involved me being permitted to cum. I read it aloud to her, 'Slave must come onto Mistress's anus and then clean it with his tongue.' Mistress grinned 'that grin', and began to peel off her nightclothes. 'Of course, you will help me to come first. With your hands.' Now naked, she sat upright amongst the pillows and widened her legs, beckoning me over. 'Can you feel how wet I am?'. 'Yes Mistress'. I gently inserted two fingers, meeting with virtually no resistance. She groaned softly, and leant back, eyes closed. I pushed in deeper, curling my fingers around to press against the back of her pelvis. More groans. 'As soon as I've come I'll lie on my back and present my ass to you. I want to see as much of your cum as you can get on there. You can lick up any you spill afterwards.'

I inserted a third finger, then a fourth and began to vigorously massage the walls of her pussy, alternately turning and pumping my hand. Before long, and writhing with pleasure, she reached down, rubbing her clitoris to climax. Letting out a series of long moans, she fell back, flushed with satisfaction. Almost immediately her legs were pulled up over her shoulders, exposing her delicious rosebud, and I was signalled to start with a nod. My hand was still slippery and pungent with her juices as I closed it around my cock and wanked hard.

I came quickly, spurting into her crack, completely covering her hole with sticky fluid. Eating my cum is something that I've had to get very used to since we reinstated 'the other side' of our relationship, and although I've grown to enjoy the idea of it, actually doing it is usually a different story. I paused briefly, slightly repulsed, before dutifully burying my tongue deep into her ass, and lapping up my mess. Encouraged by her heartfelt sighs of contentment, after a few moments I suddenly became aware that I was, in fact, thoroughly enjoying myself. The service, the smells, even the taste, were all heavenly.

Elated, I realised that I'd finally become her willing cumslut.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Panty Shopping

Last weekend, some friends invited us to their house for dinner. Whilst getting ready to head over there, I emerged from the bathroom to find Mistress rummaging through her lingerie drawer. She looked up with a smile, 'You'll be wearing my choice of underwear tonight. Put these on.' 

I was handed a pair of skimpy black mesh panties trimmed with red satin. Dropping the towel from around my waist, I drew the knickers up my legs and over my rapidly swelling cock. Mistress directed me over to her, reaching out to stroke the clearly visible hard-on bulging behind the transparent fabric. 'Inspect!'. I jumped to attention, legs apart, placing my arms up behind my head. Circling me, she made a few adjustments and stepped back to assess the finished product. 'Hmmm. They look good baby. Very good. Now, get dressed, we're running late'.

We enjoyed a thoroughly pleasant evening with our friends (although a little nervy on my part as I had to remember not to sit or move in ways that might expose my little secret). Arriving home late, too tired (and drunk) for any play, we collapsed into each others arms on the bed, and were asleep almost immediately. The image of me standing there must have stayed with Mistress however, as the following morning she announced that it was about time I had some knickers of my own - 'I've decided you'll be wearing them most of the time from now on, after all!'. We would be going shopping that afternoon, '...and yes, you'd better bring your wallet. You'll be taking everything to the counter on your own - I want the sales staff to suspect EXACTLY what's going on'.

Man in knickers
Mistress's favourite new 'panties for him'.

Man in Knickers
And from behind...