Monday, 9 April 2012

Coming home (Part 1)

It had been at least six months since Mistress and I had played together, as our work/life balance had gotten a little out of hand. Luckily things have calmed down a little recently, and I've found my interest in sex slowly returning to 'normal' levels. My mind was turning more frequently to submissive fantasies, and I'd even started to masturbate again, which is how the return began in earnest.

I woke up yesterday with a serious hard-on, and a mind full of our past exploits. Mistress awoke next to me and got up immediately to go and get some breakfast, leaving me in the bed. My hands strayed down under the covers where I began to gently caress and stroke, whilst I replayed a particularly fulfilling dildo-gag episode in my minds eye. Eventually fully immersed in my reverie, and vigorously pumping my cock, I was horrified to see the bedroom door swing open in front of me and Mistress appear. She had clearly seen my hand bouncing up and down under the duvet, and gave me a coquettish smile. It was the first time in our 4 year relationship that I've ever been caught masturbating by Mistress. Whilst I was initially ashamed, and probably blushed crimson, it was clear that Mistress found it exciting, which only made me more aroused.

Mistress joined me in the bed, and began to stroke my chest, eventually moving her hand down to feel just how hard I was. I decided right then that I was more than ready to resume our D/s relationship, and suggested that we might try out the punishment box which we'd made over a year ago and never quite managed to use, later that evening. Seeing how this clearly pleased Mistress, I went on to excitedly suggest that we reinstate some kind of daily ritual (I used to have to strip naked and masturbate for her after dinner, and finish by eating my cum - the 'slave's dessert'). We also agreed that she should take permanent control of my orgasms, which is definitely quite a move forward in my submission, but one I am eager to make.

We ate dinner later that night by the fire, with the punishment box sat in full view. Mistress seemed to finish her food remarkably quickly, but it might have been me subconsciously stalling - I'd not only begun to understand the implications of what I'd agreed to, but also to remember some of the punishments we'd devised. As soon as I'd finished, I was presented with the box by Mistress and told to take a punishment card. I gingerly handed it over to her and it was revealed that the punishment was to take two more cards. Again I delved into the box, hoping for something comparatively gentle. I was in luck - sort of. I was to receive a fifteen minute blow-job, BUT, I was under no circumstances going to be allowed to orgasm. Like many subs, I come very easily, so this is quite a tall order. A role of the dice indicated that I would also be tied and blindfolded for the duration. The second card was unfolded and Mistress happily announced that she was to take photographs of me in the predicament of her choice.

I was ordered to change into the black lace crotchless panties and see through teddy that Mistress loves, and meet her in the study. By the time I made it there, there were already a number of lengths of rope laid out on the floor, and I noticed the riding crop leaning against the wall. Clearly I wasn't going to get off as lightly as I'd thought. Mistress placed the blindfold over my face and led me to the wall where my hands were tied above my head and bound to the ceiling beam above. Barely had she finished tightening my bonds when I felt the first smack. I was chastised for not appearing to want Mistress to have her pleasure and ordered to stick out my bottom. I spread my legs wide and pushed out until they were shaking. Mistress hand slapped down hard against my buttocks again and again. It had been so long since I'd received a serious spanking that I had forgotten how much it stings after a while. My initial excitement was tempered as the pain increased, but I'd been told that I would be severely punished if I did not have an erection at all times, so I concentrated hard imagining myself worshipping Mistress' beautiful rosebud with my tongue as the stinging blows continued.

Just as I thought I could take no more, the spanking ceased, and I felt Mistress draw close. Once again I was ordered to push out my buttocks, while Mistress grabbed me from behind and began to repeatedly thrust her pelvis into me, all the time whispering in my ear how she was very much looking forward to fucking me hard in the ass again. A few more hard thrusts and I heard her reach for the crop. Now I was really going to feel her displeasure. She pulled down my panties to expose my glowing cheeks and lifted the bottom of my négligée. As my adrenalin levels rose I felt one well aimed thwack after another, yelping every time before earnestly thanking Mistress for her generosity. I think I must have received at least 30 lashes before my buttocks were reddened to her satisfaction. The shutter of her camera clicked repeatedly behind me as she paused to admire her handiwork. 

A skillfully spanked and cropped behind. Thankyou Mistress.

To be continued...

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